Prowler NZ 10.4 Power Catamaran
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Prowler NZ 10.4 Power Catamaran

The Prowler NZ 10.4 eclipses all other powerboats in:

Fuel Efficiency

Designed by leading Australian Catamaran Designer Jeff Schionning, the Prowler NZ 10.4 has long slender hulls that do not plane or skim along the water, they slice effortlessly through it like knife blades, offering a ride so smooth it is hard to believe the ocean has waves.

The transition through the speed range is completely smooth and the hulls leave almost no wash behind, testament to the vessels incredible efficiency. The 4 stroke outboards are smooth, quiet and responsive, with fingertip control thanks to the hydraulic steering system and well separated propellers.

Ideal for family cruising or charter operation

Formula CruisersProwler NZ 10.4 is now built by Formula Cruisers:

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